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A chance encounter in Kyoto, a city colored with history and traditions.

Beloved by all, we have been in Kyoto, right in front of Nishi Honganji,
for about 80 years.
With Horikawa-dori, characterized by the taste of an ancient city, in the background,
you can intimately feel the elegance at Ryokan Azumaya.


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You can stay in a traditional Japanese-style room to fully enjoy your trip to Kyoto.

There are 9 types of rooms at Azumaya.

From a single room for solo travelers

to a 36-jo (~65.7 m2), 10-person room for large groups are available.

Please contact us for your room assignment.



サムネイル 京都タワー

Kyoto Tower

Stands tall in front of the Kyoto Station Karasuma Chuo Gate.
It is Kyoto’s landmark.
At 131m tall, including the Kyoto Tower Building, which serves as its pedestal, it is the tallest building in Kyoto. From the observation deck located toward the top of the tower, you can see the city of Kyoto and its surroundings, and even Osaka on a sunny day. 

About 15-minute walk from Azumaya.

サムネイル 京都駅

Kyoto Station

The station serves as the entrance to Kyoto.

Every line of Tokaido Shinkansen stops, and there are JR lines to Hokuriku, Sanin, Kansai Airport, and Nanki areas, and Kintetsu line destinations include Nara, Kashihara Shrine, and Ise Shima. It is referred to as “Kyoto Station Building.” As a large commercial facility with 16 floors above

ground and 3 floors underground, it includes theaters and department stores.

About 15-minute walk from Azumaya.
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サムネイル 嵐山


Togetsukyou area, including Saga region, is collectively called Arashiyama, and designated as a national historical and scenic spot. It is a great spot for viewing cherry blossoms and foliage. Togetsukyou across Katsura River, which runs through the center of Arashiyama, is a symbol of Arashiyama.

Please ask our staff about transportation to Arashiyama.

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All view sightseeing spots in the surrounding